THIS IS MY ANSWER to all those obtusely abbreviated decals that no one can even figure out.  Of course, the original decal was meant to identify the country of origin for European vehicles driving in this country, but became a twisted notion geared toward tourist trappings.  As the name suggests, I have SPELLED OUT my decals so that you no longer have to guess or, as my good friend put it: "Buy a vowel!"

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These decals are produced via the EDGE on white vinyl and measure 3 x 4.5 inches (oval).  They have an approximate lifespan of 3 years (or much more) assuming proper care and application*.  Refrigerator magnets and static cling are also available.
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Additionally, I can produce cut vinyl for installation in a large format as shown in the mainpage's example image  up to 13.25 high and approx 20.5 inches wide (shown).  However, I highly recommend against installation on compound curvatures because of the extreme difficulties during vinyl application.   If required, even larger vinyl can be produced at approximately 23x35 inches but installation may become extremely complex due to its shear size and compound curve limitations.   Two color vinyl requires a 2 part application process and can be accomplished with modest effort - please send me an E:Mail for further information and pricing.

All decals below can be produced on demand and I maintain a current stock, including refrigerator magnets as needed.  Items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail in cardboard envelopes.  

LAKE ANNA:  (refrig magnets in stock)        


OBnoXious:                                                WAVY OBnoXious


BUMPASS (Virginia backwards):            BUMPASS:


If you have a specific decal in mind, I'll take suggestions at my E:Mail but I'm sorry I can't make any promises yet.

* Decal application only requires good cleaning of the surface with rubbing alcohol, let dry, then apply using a notepad's stiff cardboard backing to act as a squeegee.  Press decal down firmly to obtain long term adhesion.  DO NOT BLEACH or use other cleaning chemicals - only mild car wash style detergents.  WARNING - the adhesive is very strong so I recommend placement only on glass for easy removal.