I only use 14oz banner material as withstands weather much better and it easier to work with when applying vinyl lettering.  Be careful, many printed banners are only on 10oz materials so they can run them through their printing machine.  I do not create Full Color banners.  They are very pretty...  But you can't change the lettering and the cost may surprise you, especially when will need to make the same purchase for next year's event!

Shown below are 2 banners measuring 70 inches high (almost 6 feet) by 10 feet long.  As you can see, the nearly 2 foot high lettering makes these banners extremely visible!  There are GREAT benefits of keeping the lettering to a minimum, especially on a highway where the speeds prevent reading a "book."  ALSO Notice that these banners can be reused next year by simply changing out the numbers on the Date.  This is a VERY cheap investment!

I can build frames and install  banners but this customer made a HUGE cost savings by doing it himself!  I have engineered a method to handle these tall banners and pass the savings onto you.  Even if you order only 2 (or more) I can give immediate discounts!  Also, the design with VERY FEW letters helped substantially.
For your reference, these 2009 simple text banners were MUCH less than the $300 each typical of my competitors!!!
(However, I can't promise this everytime with inflation & all, but I will give you a price that's very hard to beat)


These Banners are 6x10 (left) and 6x12 feet (right) and the important information is still readable, but you can see the ones above can easily be read completely 'at a glance.'  These considerations should be well thought out before production.  Simply put, just because the Banner is 'big' does not necessarily mean that you should 'fill it up' with more text.  Conversely, the larger letters shown in these Banners are still 8 inches high!

Of course I make smaller banners too!  I usually have several generic sizes of white in stock.

On a final note, don't forget that banners are meant to be only temporary and will not weather long term.  Additionally, unusually high winds gusts can cause them to tear.  However, this is why I use the 14oz banners and in all cases, it appears to help substantially.