This two-sided sign is a great compromise offering several major advantages and is extremely cost effective.

It consists of 8ft vinyl posts with vinyl caps holding two powder coated aluminum sign faces attached by stainless hardware and applied vinyl lettering.

Each matching face is 4ft x 4ft square making the best use of your dollar.  It provides incredible longevity when coupled with the vinyl posts & lettering.  The stainless hardware prevents unsightly rusting which contaminates the faces of many signs today.  Additionally, the nature of the materials can allow it to be handled and erected by just one person.

The dual aluminum sign faces allow a distinct advantage of using different background colors for very little expense.  This becomes a problematic issue in designs using a single aluminum sheet with vinyl applied to both sides; especially since the industry typically paints the color on only one side, while the other side is usually left white.  This prohibits most other designs of this style from offering color options as it causes excessive expense.  Several different colors are available, industry permitting.

For night visibility, Reflective Vinyls work very well and will virtually resolve the need for costly additional sign lighting.  In general, the cost of Reflective material adds very little to the final cost and I highly recommend its use if night visibility would offer any advantage.  Please call me to discuss your ideas or send an E:Mail to