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Please feel free to contact me or leave a message with any questions at 540.894.4262

PLEASE REMEMBER that I am currently employed full time so the best way to contact me directly is after 5pm and to leave a message by phone.  Of course, this scenario ALLOWS me to present incredibly competitive pricing, however, it may limit my immediate availability.  On a positive note, preparation/production time (design, artwork, proofs, materials, vinyl work, etc.) are performed on a daily basis.  Couple this with the fact I am usually available for installation in less than a week and on various weekdays & weekends, yields turn around times that are approximately the same (or less) when compared to competitors.  Also, my low overhead provides additional cost savings which could be substantial in certain instances.

VEHICLE GRAPHICS – Various designs and text using an assortment of vinyl colors and types such as Reflective, Fluorescent, Neon, Chrome, Engine Turned, Pearl, Metallic, Prism, Frosted, Lensed and holographic.  Combined with my custom designed graphics, will yield a lasting and continuous advertisement that will follow you everywhere traveled and especially while parked. Installation instructions are available if you wish to tackle the layup yourself (upon request).

FULL COLOR GRAPHICS – Using a Gerber Edge heat transfer printer to provide one of the industry’s standards for durable outdoor exposure, I can create everything from high resolution Full Color pictorial vinyl signs to miniature spot color text/graphics in uniquely shaped, self-adhesive business identification labels and even custom shaped refrigerator magnets, all using direct print methods.  This includes just about any custom labeling using base materials such as vinyl, static cling and even reflective vinyls etc.  Of course there are many standard print colors,but there are also unique print colors such as Medal, Fluorescent and Transparent.  Best of all, unlike screen printing, the Edge can produce very cost effective SMALL quantities!

DECALS – I specialize in custom EDGE design of unique, cost effective and timely solutions to short or long runs, simple or complex decals and yearly (numbered) decals such as those required for Memberships, Parking, Associations and other novel identifiers.  I also specialize in individual cut vinyl decals for those who wish to perform their own applications.  This method is the best 'bang for your buck' and I will be happy to provide helpful instructions at your request. 

BANNERS – I specialize in "one of a kind" custom 14oz banners with vinyl lettering for long lasting advertising and repeated yearly use.  Banners are Hemmed and Grommeted from the supplier.  White Banners are available up to 70 inches high (almost 6 feet!) by any length.  The banners also come in several colors at with a maximum of 59 inches high (about 5 feet) by any length and in White up to 70 inches high (almost 6 feet!) by any length.  These banners are heavier than industry standard which makes them longer lasting and reusable from year to year.  Typically other shops use 10oz material to reduce cost (or for printing) but they yield a much shorter lifespan.  Although printed banners provide extravagant graphics, they are only a one-time and one date use.  However, my method provides the ability to make limited changes such as a date or a number (such as 51st to 52nd) easily.  I have previously changed dates on such banners over 6 times when used and stored properly.  I will be happy to discuss the issues with the current industry's typical "graphically busy" printed banners and how we can produce a banner that you can use repeatedly and provide clarity to your customers.

MAGNETICS – Standard size magnetic door sets are available in a white background measuring 12x24 inches (2 each).  Black background is optional.  Vinyl is applied per your specifications*.

CUSTOM ROAD SIGN – Using a unique combination of materials, I have developed a quickly produced sign that is easily erected and can be handled by one person.  In short, it is a white 2 posted, 2 sided, 4 foot square aluminum sign using long lasting materials that provides a highly cost effective multi-purpose solution.  Vinyl is applied per your specifications*.  For the added benefit of night time viewing, I highly recommend using Reflective Vinyls as a great road side eye catcher but simply without the headaches of a lighting system.  Of course other sizes can be produced, however you should contact me to discuss cost effective approaches.

STOCK ALUMINUM SIGNS – These measure 12x18 inches, 18x24 inches (common Real Estate size) and a 6x12 inch License Plate.  Vinyl is applied per your specifications*. 

Real Estate – White stock aluminum at 18x24 inches with vinyl on one (or both) sides supplied with a ‘slip-in’ style, black painted heavy steel step-in frame.  Vinyl is applied per your specifications*.

CUSTOM CUT ALUMINUM SIGNS - These signs are routed out of .080 aluminum (or thicker for strength) and are custom designed specifically to your needs.  Layout and mounting methods are critical to establish an appropriately functional and effective design.  Simply 'cutting a shape' seldom produces the best results and usually complicates mounting.  Shapes can be virtually any 2D cutout and vinyled on one or both sides.  Typically, routing a second piece may actually prove very cost effective for two sided designs when mounted to a 2 post setup as mentioned under "Custom Road Signs" above.

COROPLAST – Several colors are available in a stock 18x24 inch Real Estate size and 4x8 foot sheets are also available in variety of colors and various thickness.  Wire step stakes, which fit into the flutes of the Coroplast, allow a quick & cheap throw-away design.  Also, your kids can easily color these using permanent ink for fun activities or for incredibly cheap and unique Yard Sale signs.  In large quantities (100 plus) these can be VERY cost effective using a durable printing process and YOUR custom design proofed from my shop.  However, Coroplast is typically short term and therefore is not recommended for vinyl application because it is seldom cost effective.

ENGRAVING – Plastic engraved labels for various applications in small quantities*.

* Some restrictions apply in regard to letter size, color and type faces.
Quantity discounts are available and other discounts may already apply.
Quotes are obtained after confidence of idea and best understanding.

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